Stress can take a toll on the body. Keeping your body running efficiently should be high on your priority list and regular massage is key to keeping the body operating at peak efficiency.

Brief Relief   $50

quick dose of pain relief and relaxation targeting problem areas such as neck, shoulders, and back; 30 minutes

Classic Swedish   $80-$120

light to medium pressure with long strokes to relax the mind and ease the muscles; 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes

Deep Tissue   $80-$120

medium to firm pressure targeting your specific trouble areas to relieve acute and chronic pain; 60 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes

VIP Customized Experience   $90-$120

therapeutic massage tailored to your wants and needs using medium to firm pressure, includes stretching and your choice of add on; 60 minutes or 90 minutes

Complete Trigger Point Therapy   $105

specifically designed to release constricted muscles while decreasing pain in just one treatment; 75 minutes

Sports Massage   $125

combination of deep tissue massage, stretching and range of motion techniques for injury prevention and recovery; 90 minutes

Customized Stretch Session   $75

assisted stretches to help decrease nerve sensitivity while increasing mobility and muscle function; 30 minutes

Warm Stone Therapy  $110

heated basalt stones allow for deeper massage without the added pressure; 90 minutes

Prenatal  $90-$125

addresses second and third trimester discomforts such as muscle aches while decreasing feelings of anxiety (must be out of first trimester); 60 minutes or 90 minutes

Postnatal   $90-$125

release, relax and rejuvenate is goal of this session; 60 minutes or 90 minutes

Uplifting Spa Retreat   $110-$125

your choice of any massage with body wrap; 75 minutes or 90 minutes

Complete Escape   $150

your choice of 90 minute massage with body wrap and aromatherapy; 120 minutes

Massage Add On Services

Aromatherapy   $10
BioFreeze   $5
CBD Oil   $15
Hand & Foot Scrub   $10
Hydrocollator Pack   $10
ELEMIS De-Stress Massage Oil   $10
Dry Brushing (body exfoliation treatment that aids in detoxification; 30 minutes)   $40